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HDPE Woven Fabrics

PHUONG NAM is much specialzed in PE woven Fabrics. All fabrics are made by circular loom machines. Products can be laminated or non laminated, flat yarn woven or anti-slip woven.
For our customers to have thorough understanding about the Company’s PE Wowen Fabrics, we would like to render the full technical data with details as follows:

 HDPE, additives, UV powder ( Materials are original, not recycled)        

We can supply Fabrics with following densities
- 8 x 8
- 9 x 9
- 10 x 10
- 11 x 11
- 12 x 12
- 10 x 11
- 10 x 12
- 11 x 12

(Above are most popular, please contact for other densities)

- We can supply Fabrics from 620 denier as minimum to 1,500 denier as maximum.

Based on customer’s request, we can supply Fabrics with uncoated, 1 side-coated fabrics or both side-coated.
- Polyethylene lamination can be transparent or colored
- Coating range is from 20gr/m2 to 45 gr/m2; width of maximum 6m.

Width: maximum 6m (no overlapped or heated seal)
- Length: no limitation (depends on customer’s requirements)
- Packing: as rolls with paper (or PVC) core


- As customer’s request